Safety Messaging

Protect yourself from:

  • Tides (Always plan ahead, more below!)
  • The sun
  • Rough terrane and slippery rocks (beaches and trails can be more slippery depending on the season)
  • Falling Rocks (keep back a safe distance from steep cliffs, 1 school bus length!)
  • Wild Animals (know how to act if encountering coyotes, moose, or bears)

Safety Messaging for the Bay of Fundy


For visitors not accustomed to high coastal cliffs or extreme tides, we have a few words of advice to keep you and your family safe.

The most important safety concern throughout the Geopark is the tides. The rising tide can flood parts of some tidal flats and sand bars faster than you can run. The rising tide may block your access route around a headland, creating a “pinch point”. Many coves are completely flooded at high tide, with no escape route up the steep cliffs.

A general rule of thumb is to plan to be back in your vehicle at the end of your adventure 2-3 hours before high tide.

Please Note: In windy/stormy weather, the tides can reach expected high tide levels 2.5 hours ahead of schedule.

Coastal Erosion

With the highest tides in the world, comes some of the highest rates of coastal erosion in the world. This erosion and deterioration of the coastal cliffs can be dangerous as rocky material can collapse without warning!

When on a cliff-top trail, do not approach the very edge of the cliff. It may have overhanging soil and vegetation that could give way under your weight. Never attempt to go down a steep cliff from the top!

If choosing a picnic site at the bottom of a cliff, try and find a stretch of cliff that has plants growing on it and is gently sloping. If the cliff is steep, look for a sheltered spot such as behind a large rock out on the beach.

Cell Reception

Be aware that cell reception can be very poor in many areas of the Geopark, especially near steep cliffs along the coast or narrow river valleys. Make sure to plan your adventures and let people know where you plan to travel that day!


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What is a Geopark?

A Geopark is a designation that attracts tourists wishing to explore the connections between geology, local communities, culture, and nature. Geoparks are designed to promote tourism and celebrate a region’s uniqueness, and do not prohibit any land use.