Wasson Bluff

Wasson Bluff is one of Canada’s most significant fossil sites, a trove of early dinosaurs and creatures that lived in the early Jurassic period. Equally intriguing is the dynamic, sometimes violent geological landscape that contributed to their preservation. “Wasson’s”, as it is often called, is a protected site under Nova Scotia’s Special Places Protection Act. Guided tours to this classic locality are offered through the Fundy Geological Museum, in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

Synopsis: Walk past basalt cliffs, cooled from the greatest ever outpouring of lava onto the Earth’s surface, and round to the ‘Dawn of the Dinosaurs’ – here, staff of the Fundy Geological Museum oversee excavations of Canada’s oldest dinosaurs and the creatures that lived – and died – with them in the Fundy rift valley. ‘Wasson’ is designated a Special Place by the Nova Scotia Museum and is protected under legislation in recognition of its importance.

Geological formation: McCoy Brook

Age: early Jurassic (ca. 195 million years)